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Invoice DateMay 20, 2024
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Gabriel Duran Leg Dist 35 Mail 5 (Women)  Received call and email from Fernando Chacon for begin quote and invoice for Gabriel Duran for Legislative District 35, Democrat Likely Voters, minus dead weight voters in the District, households. Drop to DDU w/e 5/25/24.  Payment must be received 7 days before 5/20/2024.

Hrs/QtyServiceRate/PriceSub Total
3Print setup, Mail Data Setup, DDU/SCF Route Setup
2Additional Mail Processing fees Required

Mail Processing fees -1) NCOA, CASS, Walk Sequencing, Carrier Route, 2) DDU Distribution Report, Conclusion Final Reports.


8 1/2 x 11, clear coat added for DDU Drop No tax due to mail

1SCF Shipping Drop

DDU Drop, 1 pallet, TMD244

14795 pieces processed Mail House Work

Minimum Charge will apply - Injet, bundling and entry, Deliver Preparations, red tags and postal entry reports

4795Estimated Postage
14795 Minimum charge, Data Cost

Household mail file

1Credit Card Fee of 3.5%$166.48$166.48
Sub Total$4,922.98
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