11940 N. Lower Sacramento Rd
Lodi, CA 95242

Invoice NumberINV-0053
Invoice DateDecember 21, 2020
Due DateDecember 21, 2020
Total Due$0.00

Contacted by Fernando Chacon 12/18/2020 for small District mailer to close associates. Received all files Sunday 12/20/2020. Expedite for Holiday Mail

Hrs/QtyServiceRate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1Print Setup
803Printing/Mail Pieces

6 X 8.5, 4/4, 10pt stock, full bleed - No tax due to mail - Address affixed via digital print

803Estimated Postage

Due to Rush order, unable to determine exact amount of first class postage until NCOA and CASS work

5Consuting/Data Processing

Required time to fix Mail address manually

1Data Acquisition

Purchased all elected officials from within the 32 District - No Mark up - Direct Cost

1Expedited Services Surcharge
1Mail House Work

Minimum charge for Entry, NCOA, and CASS to minimum Postal Requirements

Sub Total$1,857.70
Total Due$0.00