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Invoice NumberINV-0178
Invoice DateMarch 31, 2022
Due DateMarch 31, 2022
Total Due$0.00

Reyes CocaCola  Ordered by Sal Lomeli, 3/30/2022.  Contents Provided in PDF and Covers created prototype requested by Sal.  Designed to the new size Standard Contract Size and Color of 4.25 X 6.5 Booklet size to be used for all contracts. May 20,th Sal requested a production of 90 Books, saddle stitched.

Hrs/QtyServiceRate/PriceAdjustSub Total
2Print Setup

Build prototype / with offered color.

810Printing Contents

90 contracts X 34 pages = 3060 pages printed / 4 = 9 printed Signatures, Variable Print per = 810 signature prints

180Printing Covers

1/1, Black and Grey Scale, 100# Text

90Bindery, Saddle Stitch booklets

Final Size, 4.5X6.5, Cut, Trim, Fold and 2 stitches per/Bundle and box

Sub Total$242.60
Total Due$0.00