After nearly forty-five (45) years of business and the 2020 Pandemic, it became clear that Leading Edge needed to apply its skills in developing a “Digital StoreFront”.  We feel the ease of access and use is paramount to our clients’ success.

It is important to note that this site is closed to the public as the information, product, services, and full-scope of our abilities to assist you are customized to your needs and in compliance with privacy protection. 

Therefore, all registrants will retain their credentials and access to this site based upon a measurement of activity.  New registrants that are approved will be automatically allowed a 15-day access account and continued access will be granted based upon purchase/inquiry activity.  Access will be removed for all registrants with no activity for 12 months. 

Presently, while we serve all business types, our most prominent clients are in four (4) basic categories:

  • Non-Profits
  • Medical Services
  • Real Estate
  • Political (We serve only Democrats & Independents)


We anticipate an expansion of these categories over time and as such, you can expect those related services and products to be included in this site as needed.  It should be noted, however, that if you are interested and inquiring about a product or service not listed herein, we recommend contacting us to determine if we can assist. 

Thank you for allowing us to provide you with our products and services.

Customer Discount Levels:

Utilizing basic business pricing practices, Leading Edge can offer Trade, Wholesale, Brokerage Promotional, or Retail pricing levels. 

General Rules:

  • Political Clients are not eligible for any discounts and all political clients are subject to a Pay in Advance schedule.
  • Any and all discount programs are based upon a 15 day payable or cash in advance schedule.  Non compliance will cause a NO DISCOUNT, FULL RETAIL pricing.
  • Trade pricing is reserved for cash-based customers only or Clients with a BOE No (Board of Equalizations, resale license).
  • For clients who require credit, we cannot exceed or allow any client to age their payables to us by no more than 5% of their annual acquisition levels. Credit is based on a review process.
  • Special “Quote” Based pricing is highly variable and will automatically contain an appropriate cost basis and further discounts will NOT apply. However, the volume of orders in this category will be applied to your Quarterly and Annual Review and Discount Settings.


Here is how it works:

  1. A Bi-annual account review will apply.   Jan 1st and July 1st of each year.
  2. An existing client may receive, based on past orders, a Wholesale pricing level. Therefore, from the listed retail, at the time of final ordering, the new discount will show up on your invoice.
  3. A new client will be consulted with to determine whether or not a Discount Level applies and which level will be appropriate; and, at the end of the anniversary year, the four (4) quarters will be averaged to set the new year discount level. This cycle will continue each year.

Basic Discount Pricing Levels:

  1. Trade -Annual Acquisition levels of more than $50,000 annually a 23% Discount will apply. Credit-issued accounts not eligible.
  2. Wholesale Annual Acquisition levels of more than $25,000 annually a 15% Discount will apply.
  3. Brokerage Annual Acquisition levels of more than $10,000 annually a 10% Discount will apply.
  4. Promotional and/or Annual Acquisition levels of more than $2,500,000 annually a 5% Discount will apply.
  5. Retail Annual Acquisition levels of less than $2,500 annually no Discount will apply.
Only applicable to Wholesale customers and their members and/or employees. 
Although Leading Edge is primarily a B2B (Business to Business) company, we do offer the same pricing levels to members and/or employees of our Wholesale clients. 


RFQ’s (Request For Quotes) are designed for flexibility and the bundling of services and products.  They will automatically contain the appropriate pricing level and/or discounts and no other Discounts will apply.  The amount will be calculated in your annual review process.

We anticipate, based on the volume of orders, that some Quotes will require us to create a custom bundled product, possibly designed for a specific client.  Once this occurs, you will be able to access and use your RE-Order function in your “My Account/Re-Orders” menu.

We will work diligently to make certain that your experience is as efficient and cost-effective as possible. 

Privacy Rules:

We neither sell nor share our clients’ information.

Compliance with all State and Federal laws and guidelines will apply:

  • PHI


If we are requested to perform I.T. services on a customer’s data list or system, we are proud to offer an appropriate NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) upon request.  A processing fee may apply.

Political Products/Services Financing Options:

Finance options for political products and services may be available.  Please feel free to contact us via email or phone for more information.  info@leadingedgedata.com or  (209) 948-6232.

Our objective is to provide assistance to your efforts in reaching the extra Percentage you might need to effectively introduce and persuade your campaign to success.  While the risk is high for us, we also understand that your risk level, work, goals, and hopes are far greater.

It is our hope that we can achieve a 30% to 50% finance assistance level of your overall budget.  Of course, this means you must have a complete budget and strategic plan to be eligible.  If needed, these are services we can provide and apply to any credit established.

Basic Process:

  1. You will be sent 2 documents, a financing request form, and an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) regarding Voter Privacy.  
  2. Upon review and our underwriting process, you will be sent an approval or denial of credit notification.  If approved, a financing limit will be issued.   
  3. If financing assistance is provided, there will be 0% interest for up to 48 months. 
  4. Upon approval, each product or service will receive a separate invoice in which a 20% deposit and a signature required addendum guarantee will be mandated. 
  5. 10% of the balance is due at the end of each month until the end of the campaign. 
  6. 30 to 60 days following the election/campaign full remaining balance is due. Finance options are available at this time and approval would be based upon the original application and new credit check.  Monthly finance account management charges will apply.